Turing Recycled Plastic into School Furniture: A Recycling Project Brings Training and Income to Women

UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador and Foundation Founder, and Claudia Jerger, Vice President of the Board of Trustees of the YOU Foundation, looking for recyclable materials.

The recycling of plastic waste is not only easy and profitable, it also offers the extremely poor women of Burkina Faso and Mali the chance to earn income. This project shows that recycling offers sustainable assistance for self-help to people in need.

A life without plastic is unimaginable today. Shopping bags, packaging, clothing, toys, and electronic appliances are all made of plastic or have plastic parts. As soon as a product is no longer used, it lands in the garbage. And most of the garbage ends up in the ocean, as over 10 million tons of waste lands in the world’s water bodies each year. The only way to save our blue planet from this extreme climate pollution, that also endangers human’s natural habitat, is to change how plastic is produced and used.

Recycling enables training and generates income

Long term environmental relief can occur through the recycling of plastic waste. This solution does not cost anything. As a joint recycling project between the YOU Foundation and its partner shows, recycling allows people, especially the extremely poor women of Burkina Faso and Mali, an opportunity to earn money.

„The children also profit “

In the recycling center in Koloko, women receive training in the plastic collections department on how recycled materials can be used to build school furniture. “With the production and sales of benches and chairs, the women have a sustainable income source. The children also profit because they no longer have to sit on the floor while at school,” so says Ute-Henriette Ohoven, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador.
The school furniture is sold to public and private schools in Burkina Faso and in Mali. With the help of this income, the project finances itself and maintains its long-term impact.

Every donation is welcome! With an amount of 10, 20 or 50 Euros, you enable the training of more woman and support their ability to earn income.


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