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Senegal Africa

Ein Slum wird zum Vorzeigedorf

La Baraka is a slum in the heart of the capital Dakar in Senegal. The inhabitants and above all the children live under inhumane conditions in simple huts and without perspective. La Baraka, the slum, is to become La Baraka, the model village with a secure future through working conditions for the whole world. This is a sign that even a miserable slum can grow into a place of the future.

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100 educational institutions around the globe

Together with our partner ZF Friedrichshafen and the ZF Helps association, we want to set up and expand 100 educational institutions in the world's poorest regions over the next few years. After all, education is the only key to reducing poverty, hatred, war, and terror worldwide.

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Indien asia

KNISTERhostel for girls in India

In the very poor rural region in East Arunachal Pradesh we are building a hostel (boarding school) near the school to offer the girls a solid school education, as the daily walk is much too long.

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Moldawien Europe

Kindergartens for Children with Tuberculosis in Moldova

Many children unfortunately suffer from tuberculosis, are malnourished and the hygienic conditions are miserable. The existing post-Soviet kindergartens urgently need to be renovated and modernised. The windows are smashed in, scantily glued with fabric and newspaper, the old wooden window frames rot and mold. The beds rusted, the musty mattresses laid through. There are far too few sanitary facilities and the few toilets are in catastrophic condition.

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