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Annual Reports of the YOU Foundation

Our last annual report provides additional information about our work.

Download Jahresbericht 2020

Download Annual report 2019

Download Annual report 2018

Download Annual report 2017

Download Annual report 2016

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Download Annula report 2014

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UNESCO Publications

UNESCO Courier – “Restoring BIODIVERSITY, Reviving LIFE”

Making every school a health-promoting school
Country case studies

Adressing Water Security

Using ISCED diagrams to compare education systems

Learn for our planet

The United Nations world water development report 2021: valuing water

UNESCO Education Monitoring Report Inclusion and education


Brochure for download


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Youth Lens

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Education for Sustainable Development

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Evaluation of the UNESCO Global Priority Gender Equality

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Évaluation du développment de l’internet au Senegal

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Global Ocean Science Report 2020

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Thanks to the # Art4GlobalGoals campaign with Leon Löwentraut, Geuer & Geuer Art GmbH and the YOU Foundation, this “State of Education Report” could be implemented for India:

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Reporting Facts: Free from Fear or Favor

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UNESCO Snapshots 2020

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24. Januar: International Day of Education

Education is a human right, a public good and a public responsibility.

Read more about “International Education Day”

11. Februar: International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Read more about “International Day of Women and Girls in Science”

The UNESCO Courier (January – March 2021)

Oceans: Time to turn the tide

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Institutional video

Campaign “The next normal”

Flyer, Brochures of the YOU Foundation

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Flyer for download

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Brochure for companies

Brochure YOU Foundation and Baraka

Auditor Opinions

Auditors’ certificate 2019

Auditors’ certificate 2018

Auditors’ certificate 2017

Auditors’ certificate 2016

Auditors’ certificate 2015

Auditors’ certificate 2014

Auditors’ certificate 2013

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