Thank You to the Supporters of the Earthquake Victims in Turkey – Phase II

Thank You to the Supporters of the Earthquake Victims in Turkey – Phase II

Your donation supported the "Bicycles for Hatay" project

The earthquake on February 6, 2023, which shook the southeast of Turkey and the north of Syria with a magnitude of 7.8 Mw, affected eleven cities in Turkey alone. One of the worst affected cities was Hatay.
After the initial humanitarian emergency aid and the accommodation of the affected people in container cities, it became apparent that children in the huge and dreary container city of Hatay urgently needed a means of movement, sport, and exercise.

By providing bicycles, a contribution was made to a child-friendly and more “normal” everyday life for the children in the earthquake region while at the same time addressing psycho-social aspects. The children were also taught bike safety and what to do in case of an emergency.

The effects of cycling are very diverse for the children:

• Cycling reduces stress and anxiety and helps children to be happier and more balanced.
• Cycling is a child-friendly activity that allows children to get out and move.
• Children who cycle also improve their ability to find solutions to problems.
• Cycling contributes to the growth and strengthening of children through the release of growth hormones. In addition, physical activity contributes to brain development and the strengthening of memory.
• A child who is active during the day experiences improved sleep rhythm, especially after a traumatic experience.

The distribution of the bicycles was organized by our partner teams, driving exercises and road safety were offered so that the children can safely navigate their days.

We would like to thank the many SAZ donors whose generosity helped us to provide training, workshops, and bicycles to a further seventy-one children in the container city of Hatay!

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