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We enable our supporters and companies worldwide to implement innovative, independent humanitarian projects to realize social investments according to "needs" (most urgent need). YOU projects aim to maximize social impact and we always have the sustainability and long-term nature of each project in mind. The focus is on quality, inclusive education and training, as well as empowerment programs, especially for women, increasing income and income-generating activities, as well as resilience and multi-approach programs.


A donation for a special occasion is a lasting gesture in which you use your personal celebration as an opportunity to help others. This could be a birthday, a birth, a bereavement, a memorial day or any other event. Instead of gifts, you ask your guests to make a donation. You can decide for which purpose these gifts should be used.


Birthdays, christenings, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas, company anniversaries – life offers many occasions to “give something back”. Share these special moments. Support the poorest of the poor together with your family, friends or colleagues. Give a gift to children or women in need and ask for a donation instead of presents.


With your last will and testament or your inheritance you have the possibility to make a long-term impact. With this, your charitable engagement will continue to live on.  You set an effective signal for humanitarian commitment and protect children, adolescences and mothers in need from hunger and poverty.  With your gift, you offer the hope of a life of dignity and hope.

We are not only speaking to people who have no heirs.  We are also making an appeal to people who wish to donate their inheritance and offer hope to the poor and needy.

Could you imagine donating a part of your inheritance? Then please contact us.  We would be happy to discuss the possibilities.  We guarantee you absolute confidentiality and discretion.


Important information for judges and prosecutors. You can insure a sustainable future of our work with your financial allocations.

Fines and penalties that prosecutors and courts allocate to us are very valuable and essential to the funding of our project work.  These financial allocations help us quickly and unbureaucratically execute important global projects that improve the lives of children and their families.

Please support our work by allocating us your legal fines and penalties.

Bank Details

Bank Details

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It’s about YOU. Make the slogan of our Foundation your own.  As a donor, you can provide long term assistance to children, adolescences and mothers in need.  The donors of today create the world of tomorrow.   We are able to offer you several choices:  whether in the form of a co-donation we will be happy to advice you.

As a donor, you increase the Foundation’s assets.  This helps us support projects long term.

You can also create a trust foundation that carries your name.  This can be managed under the umbrella of the YOU Foundation – Education for Children in Need.  This saves you the organizational work. A foundation trust has the added benefit that it requires a relatively low base investment.  The trust foundation is not a legal entity.   This means that the trust foundation cannot be reviewed by the Foundation’s auditors; the review of the main Foundation is sufficient.

With a foundation loan, a certain amount is borrowed and must be repaid in full at the due date.  A guarantee secures this loan.  The interest of this loan supports the work of the Foundation.  A loan to a charitable organization enjoys certain tax benefits and at the same time allows for financial flexibility.

Regardless of what form you choose, we guarantee you 100% reliable, secure and transparent use of your entrusted funds.  That is our philosophy.

Become a donor. It’s about YOU.


Choose a project that is near to your heart. Here is a list of the projects that need your support.

With a yearly donation of 20 Euros you make an impact on the world-wide project work of the YOU Foundation – Education for Children in Need.  Your donation allows children, adolescences and mothers to have access to education and therefore to hope for a better and independent future.  Furthermore, you make a valuable contribution to maintaining world peace. Help children in need.  You can be certain that 100% of your donation will be invested in sustainable projects.

Your donation matters! Please support one of the following projects:

The YOU Foundation – Education for Children in Need, an initiative of UNESCO Special Envoy Dr. h.c. Ute-Henriette Ohoven, is committed to education for the poorest of the poor worldwide.



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We use your donation directly where help is most urgently needed.

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