“UMUVIHU” Training and Reforestation

“UMUVIHU” Training and Reforestation

Umuhivu Burundi

The environmental education and income-generating project “The Traditional Tree Umuhivu” in Burundi aims to combat the negative consequences of climate change and support the Kirundo region in adapting to climate change as part of the Burundian government’s action plan. In addition, income opportunities are being sustainably increased for the population by improving agriculture.

Protecting the shoreline zones of the many lakes in the province of Kiruno is the most important concern of the community, local authorities, and representatives of the affected population, the YOU Foundation, local partners, and volunteers.
The participatory project has counted on the full support of the entire population of the area from the outset.

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Educational Events about Climatic Challenges

Awareness-raising workshops and training sessions on climate challenges, their causes and consequences have led to participation in the interrelationships between planting and the stabilization of shoreline soils.
720 direct beneficiaries, divided into 20 groups of 36 people each, are taking part in this project.

Large-Scale Planting of the Traditional Umuhivu Tree

Under the guidance of environmental experts chosen by the Buga Bira community, people have started reforestation work around the lakes and the new plants are already growing. At the beginning of the project, the necessary training materials for agricultural work were purchased and distributed to the beneficiaries.

The preparation of Umuhivu nurseries to facilitate large-scale reforestation around the lakes was another important measure of the project. 10,000 plants are to be planted on the hills!

In addition to the positive impact of educating people, there is also the opportunity to increase income in this very poor hill country through the future sale of Umuhivu seedlings and other plantation products. The project will also have a positive impact on fishing in the long term, as the shading of the lake shores creates a good climate for the development of the fish stock.

In summary, it is clear that the financial situation of the beneficiaries will develop positively through the use of the Umuhivu tree.

The joint involvement of the authorities, local organizations, and the beneficiaries, with the invitation to make an active contribution, gives the community a sense of belonging, solidarity, and responsibility.

Our heartfelt thanks go to Deutsche Postcode Lotterie, whose donation made this project possible!

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