More wells for West Africa – water is a human right

Thanks to the cooperation with the RTL Foundation – We help Children, the third well has already been handed over to the population in rural poor Ghana.

Clean water means life and future! People are overjoyed and grateful and the impact on this local community is enormous.

Help promote well projects in West Africa!

LCPS (Low Cost Privat Schools) for the poor in Sierra Leone

The first graduation ceremony has taken place

The first graduation class from one of the 10 Low Cost Private Schools for the poor in Sierra Leone has made it! Some of the students have been in our schools in Sierra Leone since early ebola days. It’s hard to believe how quickly time flies! It really was a very nice celebration and you could feel the happiness of the students! This also motivates every other students and creates new hope for Sierra Leone.


100 Years – 100 Schools

Three Pillars of Hope for Children Worldwide

Since 2015, the educational project “100 Years ZF – 100 Schools” has been supported in 10 countries. Children that otherwise would not have access to high quality education have three building blocks that make learning possible.

Thirty-five Low Cost Private Schools (LCPS):  10 in Sierra Leone, 15 in Bangladesh and 10 clusters in India (with sixty centers).

Improved quality in seventy schools (20 in China, 20 in Mexico, 10 in Nepal, 10 in Peru und 10 in the Philippines) through teacher trainings, better curriculum, and available appropriate learning materials.

More than 4,300 students in remote regions in forty-seven schools in Zambia and fifty-three schools in South Africa received bicycles to reach their schools that are located kilometers far away and were allowed to use the bicycles as a means of transportation.

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Thank you to our COVID-19 Ghana Supporters, especially the Jérôme Boateng fan-community!

In the companies with training programs, a short course on “social distancing” and “hygiene rules” took place. The trainees arrive in shifts to the training. With the face masks and disinfectants, the trainees can respect the restrictions and protect themselves from infection.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our partner in Ghana has been working tirelessly.  Through these efforts, the team has ensured food security and established the distribution of hygiene products for the 400 trainees in Accra and Kumasi.

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Baraka: The Moving continues…

Approximately 800 slum dwellers have now moved into their clean new apartments!  An additional important milestone has been reached in this phase of the project.
In the difficult times of COVID-19, we have succeeded in helping these families secure access to water and electricity so that they can better protect themselves from infection.
A portion of the still existing huts will be torn down in Phase 2 and several new apartment buildings will go up.
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