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Help with the water supply for those people who previously did not have access to clean and safe water

Help promote well projects in West Africa!

Health app for disadvantaged rural communities in Africa

SamaDoc® in the Senegalese most-spoken Wolof language means „My Doctor“.
The new M-Health-Application for Smartphones SamaDoc® by YOU Foundation bridges the gap between no- or poor- health care and prevention services in Westafrica. We see the use of mobile technology as the main development for Africa countries, especially concerning the poorer rural areas.
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Water is a basic human right!

Clean water is the basis of life for all people
In Europe we like to forget: water is essential for survival. Each of us uses an average of more than 100 liters per day. However, around 800 million people worldwide have no access to clean water.
The people in the villages in rural Africa suffer particularly from inadequate water supplies or insufficient access to clean water. The lack of clean water is often the main cause of suffering and misery; without water, sustainable development cannot take place.

Help promote well projects in West Africa!

Resilience – A 6 Prong Project for Burkina Faso and Mali

The baby has gained weight.

This large project contains six objectives to increase resilience in people living in the border region between Burkina Faso and Mali:

All six objectives of this project are overriding themes and adhere to the following sustainable goals:

1.) Training and Empowerment (Strengthening)

2.) Help to self help through income producing measures

3.) Food Security – Ending Famine

4.) Mobility and Logistics

5.) Climate protection awareness and increased resilience against climate change

6.) Sport for children living in border regions to promote peace and cultural dialogues

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Pilot Project for Training for Small Scale Farmers – Burkina Faso/Mali

 Capacity Building and Income Generators for Small Scale Farmers

Finkolo (Mali) and Koloko (Burkina Faso) communities

Population data statics show that both countries are among the world’s poorest with Burkina Faso and Mali having a 2015 yearly per capita income of 650USD and 781USD, respectively. The percentage of the population living under the poverty line in 2016 is 43,76% for Burkina Faso and 41.8% for Mali.
The economic growth and the creation of prosperity have not created real improvement in the living conditions of the people in parts of these countries.
A significant number of younger citizens have very little opportunity to access vocational training or to obtain employment.

This is exactly where we would like to help and in light of all these difficulties the YOU Foundation has started a pilot farm as a project model:

– a model farm to support small scale farmers,

– a support system for small scale farmers to create a professional non-for-profit organization to represent their shared interests,

– a sustainable finance mechanism for small scale poultry farmers as well as a centralized sales system.

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