Refugee Camp Paletwa in Myanmar – Humanitarian Aid and Combating Covid

Children being schooled to use hygiene measures and to protect themselves in the best possible way under the difficult and monotonous conditions of everyday life in the camp.

In Myanmar, the political situation came to a head in 2021 and the Corona virus is once again on the rise. In times of war-like conditions, it is extremely difficult to procure food, goods or building materials for the refugee camps from from far away cities as the roads are closed and armed military threaten every journey.   learn more

Humanitarian Aid for Myanmar:

For the children of the IDP refugee camp in Paletwa and the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic

In Myanmar, the political situation continues to become more critical, and the corona virus continues its path of destruction. In extremely difficult situations such as this, the international humanitarian aid sector is tested. Especially internally displaced people suffer under these extremely uncertain and inhumane conditions including the threat of the next pandemic wave.

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Big thanks to RTL – Wir helfen Kindern

Wolfram Kons with the Check for the YOU Foundation – Education for Children in Need (Photography: MG RTL D / Stefan Gregorow)

Access to clean water, hygiene and WASH facilities are the most important measures against the spread of the COVID-19 virus and to improve health. This will support the children and their parents in the refugee camp for internally displaced people in Paletwa in Myanmar, thanks to the generous donation from RTL We Help Children.

The restoration of the human dignity of children and parents in emergency camps, as well as the prevention of COVID-19 are very important to us with RTL Wir Helfen Kindern!

100 Years – 100 Schools

Three Pillars of Hope for Children Worldwide

Since 2015, the educational project “100 Years ZF – 100 Schools” has been supported in 10 countries. Children that otherwise would not have access to high quality education have three building blocks that make learning possible.

Thirty-five Low Cost Private Schools (LCPS):  10 in Sierra Leone, 15 in Bangladesh and 10 clusters in India (with sixty centers).

Improved quality in seventy schools (20 in China, 20 in Mexico, 10 in Nepal, 10 in Peru und 10 in the Philippines) through teacher trainings, better curriculum, and available appropriate learning materials.

More than 4,300 students in remote regions in forty-seven schools in Zambia and fifty-three schools in South Africa received bicycles to reach their schools that are located kilometers far away and were allowed to use the bicycles as a means of transportation.

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One of the greatest tradegies of 2020 – child labor!

It is estimated that world-wide 150 million children and adolescents between the ages of 5 to 16 are forced to work under catastrophic and extremely dangerous conditions.

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