Cold Weather Wave : Extreme Challenge for the Poorest of the Poor

Bangladesch, Dhaka – Street children and homeless people in Dhaka struggle to survive.

The livelihoods of Bangladeshis are acutely threatened by rising sea levels and devastating natural disasters.  Agricultural lands, homes and priceless mementos  are being irrevocably destroyed in many places.  Residents are in a constant battle against the forces of nature. The main culprit: global warming.

In addition to this recurring struggle for survival, a cold wave is sweeping through the country. The poorest people, homeless children usually dressed only in rags, are freezing to death.

Our UT teams are working at night in Bangladesh to distribute blankets to street children and the suffering residents of the capital city of Dhaka. However, despite joint efforts, there is a lack of financial resources for warm clothing, emergency items and cooked food.

From our hearts, we ask for your support so that we can distribute much needed essentials such as blankets, warm clothes and nutritious food to the homeless children and poorest people!

Every donation counts!

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