Thank you to all the YOU Donors for the emergency aid for refugees from Ukraine in the Republic of Moldova!

We ask you to please keep supporting us!

According to the PACE (Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe) report of June 27, 2022, a severe humanitarian crisis is expected in Moldova in the shortest possible time, as the country has reached its limits for receiving Ukrainian refugees and is no longer able to provide for their needs. Even if the refugee flows decrease, the situation for Moldova will not change, as those already admitted will spend longer periods of time in Moldova due to the ongoing war.

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Please Help Support Ukrainian Refugees In Moldova with Emergency Supplies!

Over 400,000 Ukrainian refugees who fled war, bombs and violence, have arrived in neighboring Moldova, called by some the “poor house of Europe,” seeking protection.

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5 Solar-Powered Wells were Completed in Matam – Project “Drill for Wellbeing”

Having water in a home means improved quality of life and wellbeing.  Access to water plays an important role in hygiene, health, and sustainable development.

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60% of Apartments are Move-In Ready: Why the Delays?

Water and electrical supply are waiting for the would-be apartment residents in their new homes.

On October 29, 2020, Ute-Henriette Ohoven, UNESCO Special Envoy and Founder of the YOU Foundation, travelled along with her daughter Claudia Jerger, Vice President of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, to Senegal to accompany the residents as they moved into the new apartments. 60% of the units are complete.

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