Pilot Project for Training for Small Scale Farmers – Burkina Faso/Mali

 Capacity Building and Income Generators for Small Scale Farmers

Finkolo (Mali) and Koloko (Burkina Faso) communities

Population data statics show that both countries are among the world’s poorest with Burkina Faso and Mali having a 2015 yearly per capita income of 650USD and 781USD, respectively. The percentage of the population living under the poverty line in 2016 is 43,76% for Burkina Faso and 41.8% for Mali.
The economic growth and the creation of prosperity have not created real improvement in the living conditions of the people in parts of these countries.
A significant number of younger citizens have very little opportunity to access vocational training or to obtain employment.

This is exactly where we would like to help and in light of all these difficulties the YOU Foundation has started a pilot farm as a project model:

– a model farm to support small scale farmers,

– a support system for small scale farmers to create a professional non-for-profit organization to represent their shared interests,

– a sustainable finance mechanism for small scale poultry farmers as well as a centralized sales system.

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International Women’s Day – 8th of March

On today’s International Women’s Day, UNESCO is focusing on Women in management positions. For gender equality and the representation of women’s rights, women are essential as leaders!

“In 2021, as the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic continues to exacerbate all the divisions in our world, particularly those due to gender inequalities, it is more important than ever before that 8 March be a day of unity and mobilization.”

— Audrey Azoulay, Director-General, on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2021

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A significant improvement for the people

To improve the quality of life and ensure a sustainable future for the families in BARAKA many different projects and programs are realised: homes and infrastructure, quality education, vocational trainings, woman empowerment, health care, microcredits and income-generating activities such as social micro-businesses.

The best way to reduce poverty-related refugee flows!

The video shows once again very nicely the change in living conditions when people can live in solid structures.

Many thanks to our Christmas donors!

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People like you give us the opportunity to continue our work for the poorest.

We are very grateful to know you by our side and let us continue to work for a more humane time according to Mother Teresa’s words:

„We cannot accomplish great things – only small ones, but those with great love.“

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