Many thanks to our Christmas donors!

We would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts all the donors who gave between Christmas and New Year.

Our actions for “Humanitarian Aid for Children in Refugee Camps in Myanmar” and for “More wells for West Africa – Water is a human right”, as well as the various online projects and projects will continue to appeal for donations and our supporters can follow the global work on our websites.

People like you give us the opportunity to continue our work for the poorest.

We are very grateful to know you by our side and let us continue to work for a more humane time according to Mother Teresa’s words:

„We cannot accomplish great things – only small ones, but those with great love.“

Donation for “Humanitarian Aid for Children in Refugee Camps in Myanmar” or “More wells for West Africa” (please select a project):

Sustainable support for women in baraka

The production of fruit juice is a successful example of one of our projects in Baraka

Much has happened since the first steps were taken in the project “Fruit Juice Production in Baraka” in the Liberté VI neighborhood of Dakar in Senegal. Thanks to the big-hearted donations and support from the YOU Foundation, the lives of many women were fundamentally changed as well as a big step was taken in realizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Helping people help themselves.

With the production and sale of fruit juices, many women were empowered to generate an independent source of income and therefore experience a better life.  Since this year, they can adequately themselves and their families and provide for the education of their children.  Extreme poverty now belongs in the past along with hunger and poor health.

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Humanitarian Aid for Children in Refugee Camps in Myanmar

Children must be allowed to be children – Gift them a future!

Humanitarian Aid for Children in Refugee Camps in Myanmar

The many escalated conflicts and struggles in Myanmar have left thousands of people displaced from their homes. Villages were hit by artillery, innocent civilians were injured and killed. Groups of armed individuals kidnapped many young men and forced them into military action.

People from more than 30 villages, mostly traditional farmers that rely on their harvest to survive, were forced to flee to escape torture and death.

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Generous donation from the german postcode lottery

Petra Rottmann and Claudia Jerger at the surprise donation check handover.

We, together with the people in Africa, wholeheartedly thank the German PostCode Lottery family for the donation checks of 30.000 € each!

Thanks to this generous donation, we will now be able to realize two new projects:

Burundi  –  Empowering Women and Fight against Garbage in Africa / Waste Management.

In the spirit of community social responsibility, this allows us and our work as a charitable organization for the people to once more be globally active. #PostcodeEffekt

The gate to sustainability

The GLOBAL GATE for #Art4GlobalGoals by Leon Löwentraut

The GLOBAL GATE by artist Leon Löwentraut

The imposing 21-meter large GLOBAL GATE serves the sensitization and activation campaign #Art4GlobalGoals and aims to awaken global attention to the goal of sustainable development, the UN Agenda 2030, and the international community.

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