Corona – How are the poorest countries in the world impacted?

COVID-19 has arrived in Africa. After the initial outbreaks in China and Italy and then after all of Europe was affected by the dangerous Corona Virus, many chronically underserved countries in Africa and Asia are now also having to deal with higher infection rates.

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Recent Trip to Senegal – Moving into the New Apartments


Ute-Henriette Ohoven mit einem Baby in Baraka

Ute-Henriette Ohoven, with one of the beautiful babies, and next to Fatou-Si, the leader of the women of Baraka

From the planning phase in 2016 to the beginning of construction in 2017 and until today, there have been many changes in the what was previously the slum of Baraka in Dakar, Senegal. Another major milestone has been reached – Moving Day for several families!

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Evelyn Burdecki Builds More Wells in Ghana – with the support of the YOU Foundation

Evelyn Burdecki (2nd from left) winner of the TV show “Jungle Camp” realizes one of her dreams by supporting the building of wells in areas of Africa that otherwise would not have a water source – and she is supported in this endeavor by the YOU Foundation. To the right of Evelyn is YOU Foundation Founder and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Ute-Henriette Ohoven.

In the Volta region, many communities support themselves by farming. A hygienic and functioning water source is not only necessary for children and families but also for the planting of agricultural crops. Without these crops, the communities can not feed themselves nor earn any income. Unclean water or not enough water can translate into hunger and thirst for the people of this region. Furthermore, many children become ill because they do not have clean water to drink.

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Child Labor is a Bitter Reality: Please Help End It!

In Bangladesh, many children work in the metal industry.)

Children today are still being economically exploited and used as a cheap labor source – even in countries that singed the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. .

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Moldavia: Achievements thanks to Christmas Initiative

Even as recently as last year, it was unimaginable that Nikita would ever be able to leave his wheelchair.

At the end of 2017, many readers of the newspaper in Recklinghausen donated money to the children and youth of Moldavia who live in poverty. Very few of these children can attend school. With the help of these generous donations, several new projects could be supported, and the young boy Nikita literally now has the world at his feet.

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