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On the anniversary of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine

People all remember very well how a year ago the eastern territories of Ukraine were attacked by Russian military. The brutality of the attack, war, in Bachmut, Kiev, Kharkiv and the other cities, the suffering of people, debris, injured and dead, felt very close. For all, war in Europe is a terrible threat to their human and democratic values.

Today marks the anniversary of Russia’s attack on Ukraine

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Earthquake Disaster Turkey and Syria – People Need Your Help!

With a very high magnitude of 7.8, earthquakes and aftershocks shook and destroyed  southern Turkey and northern Syria. People many of them children are trapped under the rubble and the weather is freezing cold!

The deadly earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria on Monday, February 6, 2023, killed more than 7,900 people in the first 36 hours, and the death toll continues to rise. The WHO estimates that the true death toll is at least eight times that number. The situation is becoming more urgent and desperate by the hour. The impact spans ten provinces and affects more than 15 million people, most of whom are now homeless or unable to enter their homes and remain outdoors in freezing temperatures.

The death toll, the number of injured, the number of orphans and the damage from the devastating disaster can only be estimated at this time. The people, hardest hit, as always the children, need fast humanitarian aid, doctors, medicine and cold protection to survive!   learn more

A bright future for child laborers and street children in Bangladesh

ECD – Early-Childhood Development

BANGLADESH – Dhaka and Chattogram District (former Chittagong)

Early childhood is the fastest developmental stage in human life. The goal of this project is to integrate early childhood programs with our existing Night School and Mobile Quality Schools education program for the poorest children to improve their developmental and learning abilities.
A child who is prepared for school in developing countries is less likely to drop out of school and has a better chance of obtaining higher education.
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The people of Syria and Turkey need your help!

Thousands of people have died in the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes in Syria and Turkey, according to latest reports.

The full magnitude of the disaster is uncertain at this point – the loss of life and the number of injured is increasing by the hour. In addition to the traumatic experiences, people, especially small children, are now suffering from the freezing temperatures with no shelter to protect them in the winter.

The families and aid workers on site are urgently in need of your financial support now!

With your donations, essential relief supplies such as baby food, hygiene articles, thermal protection and nutrient-rich food will be financed and provided to those in need as quickly as possible.

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