Earthquake in Morocco

The devastating 6.8-magnitude earthquake that struck Morocco late Friday night, Sept. 8, killing more than 2,800 people, according to current estimates, with hundreds perhaps thousands still missing, more than 2,500 people injured and entire villages buried – this has plunged the country into deep grief and despair. The numbers are increasing every day.

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Technology in education: A tool on whose terms?

The 2023 Global Education Monitoring Report argues that education systems should always ensure that learners’ interests are placed at the center and that digital technologies are used to support an education based on human interaction rather than aiming at substituting it.

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Professional dance & choreography classes for the kids in Baraka

Pilot project BARAKA – from slum to modern residential area – in Dakar, Senegal, continues to grow with the Dance Kids: Poorest slum children who go to school regularly and learn well receive professional dance & choreography classes. The dance project promotes social and health aspects, cohesion and togetherness. The project attracts great interest among the children and young people.

Join us in bringing quality education back to children!

Earthquake zone Turkey and Syria: Children are the most affected!

More than 52,000 people fell victim to the deadly earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, one of the worst natural disasters in the world in the last hundred years.  More than one hundred thousand people were injured. Icy cold weather and severe flooding  worsened the situation for the suffering people, especially the children.

With experienced partner organizations that have been working in disaster areas for many years, the YOU Foundation – Education for Children in Need has developed programs that provide local support to families whose homes have been destroyed and who have experienced much suffering.

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Emergency aid project “Humanitarian Support Against the Cold Wave in Bangladesh”

The terrible cold wave that hit widespread areas of Bangladesh at the end of January caused great hardship to the people of this poor country. With your support and our numerous donors, it was possible to distribute urgently needed blankets and also meals to the suffering population, so that they were armed against the extraordinary cold!

In particular, as always, the children were the most affected.

With the YOU Foundation’s emergency aid project “Humanitarian Support Against the Cold Wave in Bangladesh”, together with its its local partners, the poorest people could be supported with the distribution of blankets and the great suffering of the people could be alleviated as quickly as possible.

THANK YOU very much for your help for the suffering people!