Safeguarding Afghan cultural heritage means safeguarding our shared humanity

Safeguarding Afghan cultural heritage means safeguarding our shared humanity.
UNESCO is committed to exercising all possible efforts to protect the invaluable cultural heritage of #Afghanistan in its diversity.
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What Is Happening at the BARAKA School?

Baraka German lessons

Martina Dähn a volunteer on the “BARAKA – From Slum to Modern Neighborhood” project works in the primary school in the new neighborhood Cité-Baraka (New-Baraka) providing support in the areas of hygiene and environmental management (PHAST – Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation Transformation).

Based on the local children’s wishes, Martina Dähn also gives German lessons for all interested primary school students.  This program is a big success, and the children love it!

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Humanitarian Aid for Myanmar:

For the children of the IDP refugee camp in Paletwa and the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic

In Myanmar, the political situation continues to become more critical, and the corona virus continues its path of destruction. In extremely difficult situations such as this, the international humanitarian aid sector is tested. Especially internally displaced people suffer under these extremely uncertain and inhumane conditions including the threat of the next pandemic wave.

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The Building of the New School Has Been Completed

A further milestone for Burkina Faso and Mali

The project “Education and Vocational Training for Sahel” is a program geared towards the improvement of general education and vocational training, of physical education and of cultural capacities in Burkina Faso and Mali.  The YOU Foundation supports the goal of improving the lives of the extremely poor people who have been victims of crises and conflicts in rural regions of Burkina Faso and Mali and help them help themselves.

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UNESCO – it is not too late to restore ecosystems

Ecosystems – vital for our planet – are declining more and more. The decline of organisms, the loss of species, the overuse of resources and the destruction of natural habitats are alarming and must cause a rethink in times of climate change.

The “UNESCO Courier” reports, as a download under our publications: “Restoring BIODIVERSITY, Reviving LIFE”