We are happy with the people from Baraka

A lot has changed in Baraka, with the pilotproject “From a slum to a modern city” in Dakar! The new houses and streets are full of life. After the residents moved into their new apartments, the success of the project is reflected in the great satisfaction and happiness of the people who have started into a new, better future.

More wells for West Africa – water is a human right

Thanks to the cooperation with the RTL Foundation – We help Children, the third well has already been handed over to the population in rural poor Ghana.

Clean water means life and future! People are overjoyed and grateful and the impact on this local community is enormous.

Help promote well projects in West Africa!

LCPS (Low Cost Privat Schools) for the poor in Sierra Leone

The first graduation ceremony has taken place

The first graduation class from one of the 10 Low Cost Private Schools for the poor in Sierra Leone has made it! Some of the students have been in our schools in Sierra Leone since early ebola days. It’s hard to believe how quickly time flies! It really was a very nice celebration and you could feel the happiness of the students! This also motivates every other students and creates new hope for Sierra Leone.


The innovation of the donation world: everyone can track their donation

Our current flyer on the subject of SmartAid

With our new flyer we want to make the technology of SmartAid Blockchain even better known. With this we would like to further promote the well construction project in West Africa.