YOU Foundation Supports African Women’s Groups in Production of Protective Masks

Measures to protect against COVID-19 are desperately needed

The YOU Foundation in Düsseldorf is currently collection contributions to support measures to prevent the spread of the Corona infection in southern Senegal. According to John Hopkins University, the number of individuals infected by Corona in Africa is not yet exceedingly high, but the likelihood of unrecorded cases is large. Many governments have instigated nightly curfews, closures, and limitation on opening hours of markets. The fear of a fast spreading pandemic is enormous and Africa’s health system is not able to manage a large outbreak of Corona. The fear of a new Ebola Virus like situation is circulating.

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Senegal: Health App BISA launched

His signature signed the deal – and Abdoulaye Diouf Sarr, Secretary of Health pledged his support for the Health App BISA. The App is expected to close gaps in medical care for the Sengalese population across the country.   learn more


Meet Leon Löwentraut during Art4GlobalGoals vernissage at the Frankfurter Hof in Mainz on Thursday, July 4 at 7pm.
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Albinism in Malawi: Dangerous Superstitions

They are regularly confronted with hate and superstitions. Due to their appearance, people with Albinism often pay with their life in many African countries.  Still today, many prejudices and fears exist regarding Albinism.  Society is seldom correctly informed.

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Income Generators: Female Fish Sellers in Yoff

Ute-Henriette Ohoven visits the fish sellers in Yoff. The project is now starting.

After the success of the pilot project “Fisherwomen Ouakam,” a new group of fifty women from Yoff, Senegal is joining together in an economic interest group to allow them to professionalize the sale of fish and to build micro-businesses. Pooled financial resources and working capital form the basis which allows the fish sellers to regularly access micro-credits that will enable them to continue expanding their businesses and increase their earnings.   learn more