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EVELYN BURDECKI winner of the RTL TV show Murmel Mania donated her winnings to improve our world!

Evelyn Burdecki with local children in Senegal

Thanks to EVELYN BURDECKI and the DEUTSCHEN POSTCODE LOTTERIE we were able to realize this project!
This particular drinking well project for the community of the village of Nérane in the department of Fatick in Senegal was successfully realized for the benefit of the poorest families in the community.
A solar powered well, which at the same time has a charging station for cellular phones and small appliances can now significantly improve the living conditions of the people of the village, who are vulnerable, very poor and excluded from the community’s water supply network.   learn more

Growing Success and Sending a Signal – A Training Garden Generates Income for Women and Adolescents

The innovative nutritional, educational and environmental project “Pilot Gardening” of the YOU Foundation – Education for Children in Need and its partners in the region of Thiès in Senegal combines professional education and ecological responsibility for the benefit of local youth.

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Health and Dignity for Mothers and Children – Health Station FAI Senegal

The project “Expansion of the Médina Chérif Health Station” (Kolda community in Senegal) serves to support several broadly defined health programs.

The health station’s purpose is to serve the rural community of Médina Chérif and to help lower mother and child mortality, to prevent infectious diseases and to generally improve the very important access to health care for its citizens.

Up until now, the community’s medical set up – with its very minimal resources – was unable to adequately accommodate pregnant women. The result was a high mother-infant mortality rate. Since the construction of the health station, the medical treatment available has greatly improved and the number of patients in the FAI maternity ward has increased by 1,670 women.

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Christmas Well 2020 – Thank You to Our Supporters

With a portion of the 2020 Christmas Donation Funds, that we received from our generous supporters last year, we were able to install several more solar powered wells in the Matam region in northeast Senegal.

Getting water in the Matam regions is an immense struggle for many women and children.

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