Thank you to all the YOU Donors for the emergency aid for refugees from Ukraine in the Republic of Moldova!

We ask you to please keep supporting us!

According to the PACE (Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe) report of June 27, 2022, a severe humanitarian crisis is expected in Moldova in the shortest possible time, as the country has reached its limits for receiving Ukrainian refugees and is no longer able to provide for their needs. Even if the refugee flows decrease, the situation for Moldova will not change, as those already admitted will spend longer periods of time in Moldova due to the ongoing war.

More than 500,000 refugees from Ukraine, mainly children and young people, women, elderly and people with special needs, have crossed Moldova since the war began. Many have found a second or temporary home in Moldova. They have experienced immeasurable suffering. They were forced to leave all their belongings behind in their homeland. The refugees sincerely thank the YOU Foundation donors: with their support, the refugee’s precarious situation has greatly improved.

The delivery of relief supplies has so far reached over 4,798 people. With great joy, children and adults met the “emergency aid” bus, with which the project team travelled to the most remote areas of the Republic. The refugees gratefully received milk, tea, butter, cookies, muesli, ready-to-eat food, cooked food, baby food, hygiene items, first aid equipment, clothing, school materials and children’s toys.

The goal of our project is – to provide fast, competent and controlled assistance to Ukrainian refugees in the Republic of Moldova.
Our team, under the leadership of the Moldavian UNESCO National Commission, is responsible for the implementation and measurement of the project.

The emergency supplies were distributed in the areas of Gagauzia, Falești and Glodeni districts, Chisinau, Straseni and Dubasari.

In addition to the aid deliveries to the most remote communities of the country, the project team visited the Children’s Municipal Hospital in Chisinau, which aids and provides necessary treatment to Ukrainian children. The hospital received educational games for children, books, sweets, and also very importantly medical gloves, antibacterial gel, diapers, hygiene products and baby wipes.

Olga (57), with her sick husband Yuriy (58) – from the town of Shastye, Lugansk region, Ukraine:

“Here in this Moldovan center, we are very well provided for: we get meat and fish products, vegetables and fruit. There are shower cabins. The conditions for refugees are good in Kongaz. I noticed that people in Moldova are very friendly and, on the streets, people greet us even though we are complete strangers.”

Larisa (45), with her son Andrei (10) – from the town of Yuzhnoukrainsk, Mykolaiv Region, Ukraine:

“Here in Moldova, thanks to the aid supplies, we are very well provided for with enough food. We have a communal kitchen, we live in nice rooms that the Moldovans provide us with, we get cash grants to make ends meet – everything works quite well. Our oldest son Maxim, he is 23 years old, and is still in Ukraine with his wife… we are always waiting for good news from them, although the general situation has worsened a lot during this war. We would like to return home as soon as possible. Hope dies last.”

Elena (41), with her daughters Ecaterina (11) and Alexandra (8 ) from Odessa, Ukraine:

“I hope that our family will be able to return to Odessa towards the end of July, if the situation does not worsen. At the moment, I am still very worried. The diplomats should agree on peace and put an end to the suffering of ordinary people.”