One of the greatest tradegies of 2020 – child labor!

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One of the greatest tradegies of 2020 – child labor!

It is estimated that world-wide 150 million children and adolescents between the ages of 5 to 16 are forced to work under catastrophic and extremely dangerous conditions.


These children are treated as forced laborers, as cheap laborers and as slave laborers and are forced to work up to 10 hours a day.
Despite the UN’s Children’s Rights Convention that many nations signed, millions of youths, whose voices are not heard, are abused. These children have no access to education, are not aware of their rights, are powerless against their exploiters, and are in dire need of help from everyone who is aware of their situation.
Let us not forget that modern slavery is also supported by our industrial countries in that lithium, cobalt, precious gems, cacao, coffee and many more resources are taken from the poorest countries and sold elsewhere as cheap products.
If we will be in a position in the near future to control all phases of today’s highly complex logistical and delivery chains remains to be seen, but we cannot close our eyes to this situation.

Let us help educate these children and inform them of their rights so that they can defend themselves against these grave injustices.

Night schools for working children:
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