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What Is Happening at the BARAKA School?

Baraka German lessons

Martina Dähn a volunteer on the “BARAKA – From Slum to Modern Neighborhood” project works in the primary school in the new neighborhood Cité-Baraka (New-Baraka) providing support in the areas of hygiene and environmental management (PHAST – Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation Transformation).

Based on the local children’s wishes, Martina Dähn also gives German lessons for all interested primary school students.  This program is a big success, and the children love it!

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Dance Classes in Baraka Have Begun!

In the important early childhood development years, children need adequate movement.  Dancing offers not only the opportunity to increase their endurance but also promotes rhythmical movement as well as flexibility and coordination.

Die jungen Bewohner des Liberté VI Stadtteil in der Region Dakar, Senegal erhalten dank des ehrenamtlichen und unglaublichen Engagements von Frau Martina Dähn aus Deutschland einen regelmäßig stattfindenden Tanzunterricht.

Thanks to the fantastic volunteer work of Ms. Martina Dähn from Germany, the young inhabitants of the Liberté VI neighborhood of Dakar, Senegal receive regular dance instruction.

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Sustainable support for women in baraka

The production of fruit juice is a successful example of one of our projects in Baraka

Much has happened since the first steps were taken in the project “Fruit Juice Production in Baraka” in the Liberté VI neighborhood of Dakar in Senegal. Thanks to the big-hearted donations and support from the YOU Foundation, the lives of many women were fundamentally changed as well as a big step was taken in realizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Helping people help themselves.

With the production and sale of fruit juices, many women were empowered to generate an independent source of income and therefore experience a better life.  Since this year, they can adequately themselves and their families and provide for the education of their children.  Extreme poverty now belongs in the past along with hunger and poor health.

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We are happy with the people from Baraka

A lot has changed in Baraka, with the pilotproject “From a slum to a modern city” in Dakar! The new houses and streets are full of life. After the residents moved into their new apartments, the success of the project is reflected in the great satisfaction and happiness of the people who have started into a new, better future.

BARAKA – the first roads are being paved!

Progress continues, and we are happy for the inhabitants of Baraka that work has started on paving the first real streets in the area that used to be a slum. This development is being done by the public works authorities and Promoville-Dakar together with the construction ministry of Senegal. They have committed to execute this part of the project. This participatory approach, coupled with the community’s self-responsibility, is especially important to ensure all project partners’ commitment. Also, this approach highlights that only when we work together, with everyone also taking responsibility for their individual contribution, can we ensure the well-being of everyone.

The new district is growing, and after already 60% of the slum dwellers have now moved into the clean new apartments, all other works are continuing in parallel.