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UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Dr. h.c. Ute-Henriette Ohoven and her daughter Claudia Jerger present KI RORI at the UN Summit – personalized learning support for those who need it mostThe YOU Foundation – Education for Children in Need pursues the primary goal for sustainable development No. 4 and the UNESCO Education Agenda 2030, for inclusive, high-quality education, equal rights and self-determination for girls and women, and the right to “equal opportunities”. The Foundation has an official relationship with UNESCO and its mission focuses on “Equal Opportunities” but also innovative pilot projects for the world such as: B. The complete transformation of slums into modern city districts, including all forms of education, environment, nutrition and health as well as training and measures for income-generating activities. Concrete help for self-help is always in the foreground.

The existence of our children is the most important asset, because they are the future of the world, and only with education can they become active and advance our common goal of sustainable development!

The world community agrees that fewer inequalities in education and, in particular, qualitative education is the way out of poverty and that “equal opportunities” for all children and young people by 2030 is one of the greatest challenges. The world community has almost 7 years to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and this is becoming increasingly difficult due to extreme global challenges.

The YOU Foundation was invited by UNESCO and the UN to the Transforming Education Summit at the UN headquarters in New York to present the outstanding AI educational chatbot for the poorest countries.

The KI RORI, a cooperation with the long-standing YOU partner Rising Acadmies, has already been tested and is in use in West Africa. It can be expanded at will and spread to other countries, because there is no limit to “users” or “curricula”.

If we are to transform education, or the 244 million+ children who are out of school, not just because of Covid, but need to be brought back into education, we need proven, scalable solutions that reach large audiences, are validated and tested are of quality.

In support of accelerated progress in education, the AI ​​Rori can do a great deal. We know that there is an urgent need to use quality platforms to reach the marginalized – and this is where artificial intelligence can help!

What is so special about RORI?

RORI takes on the challenge and delivers the solution! RORI addresses equality and gender equality and also takes into account situations of displacement, emergencies or crises.
We finally have the chance to transform education and lifelong learning and make education more inclusive, equitable, effective and relevant. Of course, especially when it comes to technology, we must uphold our principles of ethics, justice and respect for human rights, and RORI is addressing these issues.
RORI is proven, brings the quality, addresses learning disruptions and supports the necessary change. RORI can be the enabler for successful educational change!
RORI so far offers math for any mobile phone with access to WhatsApp, it asks practice questions and understands all the answers, it automatically adapts its content and learning level to the “user”, RORI starts, repeats or continues, depending on the pace of each student: Inside. When they get stuck, RORI provides audio explanations and key concepts from the audio library. Rori picks up where the student left off and gradually increases engagement.

Since June 2022 – have already reached over 100,000 interactions and count an average of 53 additional learning minutes per day and user.

With RORI, the main impact is improving the quality of education with the only cost of a WhatsApp connection. And since RORI works via WhatsApp, it requires the smallest internet connection, which also favors its use in emergency situations.

In general, we can therefore say that RORI allows access for most children without limiting the number of users.

We need a positive attitude to turn the demographic dividend into an opportunity – and this can also be accelerated by an AI chatbot like RORI.

We urgently need credible and tangible options to overcome the global learning crises, slow decisions will plunge us into even more complex, maybe never solvable problems!

The goal is to reach over 5 million “users” with Rori by 2030 and for this we need every partner who believes with us in the chance that only through education can our world be made more humane and worth living in in the future. The climate crisis can only be overcome through and with education!

Ute-Henriette Ohoven and Claudia Jerger: “It was a great honor for us and a great recognition for our work and for the YOU Foundation to speak about our work and this innovative educational project at the UN Headquarters in New York. An incredible asset!”

The YOU Foundation – Education for Children in Need, an initiative of UNESCO Special Envoy Dr. h.c. Ute-Henriette Ohoven, is committed to education for the poorest of the poor worldwide.



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