EVELYN BURDECKI winner of the RTL TV show Murmel Mania donated her winnings to improve our world!

Evelyn Burdecki with local children in Senegal

Thanks to EVELYN BURDECKI and the DEUTSCHEN POSTCODE LOTTERIE we were able to realize this project!
This particular drinking well project for the community of the village of Nérane in the department of Fatick in Senegal was successfully realized for the benefit of the poorest families in the community.
A solar powered well, which at the same time has a charging station for cellular phones and small appliances can now significantly improve the living conditions of the people of the village, who are vulnerable, very poor and excluded from the community’s water supply network.

Access to health care facilities and schooling and the income level of the Senegalese people living in this area are very low.
Until now, the population has been forced to obtain water from makeshift water points or dirty surface water. Disease, lack of hygiene, especially for women and girls, irregular school attendance, and violence on the difficult waterways were just some of the terrible consequences….
Through this project, a solar powered well with a charging station and light could be built in the village of Nérane.

The installation of the electric charging station for small battery-powered devices and cellular phones lead to improved energy supply for the families, who were thereby spared the kilometer-long journeys to the next village and could use this time more productively.
A management committee to take care of the maintenance and upkeep of the water station, as well as the charging station, was organized and trained.

Before the start of the project, information sessions were held in collaboration with the community, the local council in charge and the village leader, in order to jointly plan the precepts of the project, the tasks and implementation, and to sensitize people all while using a participatory approach.

On site, local companies were selected to professionally carry out jobs such as masonry work, drilling, tapping the water supply, installing and connecting the tank and any electrical parts, etc.

The well now provides the community with safe and clean water. In addition, the villagers can use the charging station for small appliances for daily use and for charging their cellular phones. The first signs of improved hygiene conditions in the village have already been observed and, in particular, diseases caused by dirty water has been reduced.