Christmas Well 2020 – Thank You to Our Supporters

With a portion of the 2020 Christmas Donation Funds, that we received from our generous supporters last year, we were able to install several more solar powered wells in the Matam region in northeast Senegal.

Getting water in the Matam regions is an immense struggle for many women and children.

Matam, because of its proximity to the dry Sahel area, is one of Senegal’s regions that is most threatened with food insecurity. Many villages are very remote and do not have access to clean drinking water and the few water sources available must be shared with livestock.  Our goal was to provide these communities with permanent access to clean water and better hygiene and health by building wells.

With the input of local authorities and communities, we decided to build solar powered wells as there is no electricity in this area and we would like to promote clean energy.  Construction was not without challenge as the groundwater level was very deep at 50-100 meters below the surface.

The drilling, the construction of a solar powered pumping system and the installation of a tank are all important steps in securing permanent access to clean drinking water and to ensuring better health measures in the villages, in particular in reducing diarrhea related illnesses which will improve overall quality of life for the community members. Thanks to last year’s Christmas donations we were able to help these in-need communities and to establish some of the conditions that will forward a better future.

Our heartfelt thanks to all the donors for their support!