Meet Leon Löwentraut during Art4GlobalGoals vernissage at the Frankfurter Hof in Mainz on Thursday, July 4 at 7pm.
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Child Marriages Infringe on Basic Human Rights


Happy childhood: Every child has the right to grow up unencumbered.

A new study released by the UN’s International Children’s Emergency Fund revealed that that the number of child marriages have slightly declined.  Even though there is a slightly positive downward trend, we cannot stop our work to end child marriages.  There remain hundreds of millions of people worldwide that were married off as children.  The majority of them are young girls.
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Albinism in Malawi: Dangerous Superstitions

They are regularly confronted with hate and superstitions. Due to their appearance, people with Albinism often pay with their life in many African countries.  Still today, many prejudices and fears exist regarding Albinism.  Society is seldom correctly informed.

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Please Donate: High Quality Education for Children in Myanmar

Over many years, the children of Tauangzalat (Region Sagaing/Myanmar) have had to take a very long journey on foot every day to reach their school in the city. There still is no permanent school building for the children in the village.   learn more