Season’s Greetings and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year

Dear YOU partners and supporters,

we are approaching the end of the year, and the YOU Foundation team, my daughter Claudia and I would like to take advantage of this opportuniy to say THANK YOU and express our deepest gratitude for your trust and support.

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Senegal: Health App BISA launched

His signature signed the deal – and Abdoulaye Diouf Sarr, Secretary of Health pledged his support for the Health App BISA. The App is expected to close gaps in medical care for the Sengalese population across the country.   learn more


Fotos: Morning Star

After heavy rainfalls in Nepal, India and Bangladesh, dozens of people have died. Ten thousand people were forced to leave their homes. After initial estimates, thousands located in the refugee camps in Bangladesh were left homeless and several people lost their lives due to being struck by lightning.   learn more


Meet Leon Löwentraut during Art4GlobalGoals vernissage at the Frankfurter Hof in Mainz on Thursday, July 4 at 7pm.
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Child Marriages Infringe on Basic Human Rights


Happy childhood: Every child has the right to grow up unencumbered.

A new study released by the UN’s International Children’s Emergency Fund revealed that that the number of child marriages have slightly declined.  Even though there is a slightly positive downward trend, we cannot stop our work to end child marriages.  There remain hundreds of millions of people worldwide that were married off as children.  The majority of them are young girls.
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