We are happy with the people from Baraka

A lot has changed in Baraka, with the pilotproject “From a slum to a modern city” in Dakar! The new houses and streets are full of life. After the residents moved into their new apartments, the success of the project is reflected in the great satisfaction and happiness of the people who have started into a new, better future.

Water is a basic human right!

Clean water is the basis of life for all people
In Europe we like to forget: water is essential for survival. Each of us uses an average of more than 100 liters per day. However, around 800 million people worldwide have no access to clean water.
The people in the villages in rural Africa suffer particularly from inadequate water supplies or insufficient access to clean water. The lack of clean water is often the main cause of suffering and misery; without water, sustainable development cannot take place.

Help promote well projects in West Africa!

One of the greatest tradegies of 2020 – child labor!

It is estimated that world-wide 150 million children and adolescents between the ages of 5 to 16 are forced to work under catastrophic and extremely dangerous conditions.

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Baraka: The Moving continues…

Approximately 800 slum dwellers have now moved into their clean new apartments!  An additional important milestone has been reached in this phase of the project.
In the difficult times of COVID-19, we have succeeded in helping these families secure access to water and electricity so that they can better protect themselves from infection.
A portion of the still existing huts will be torn down in Phase 2 and several new apartment buildings will go up.
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