A Better Life for Children

In Egypt, we support the project  “Small Pyramids – Poor Children in Egypt”.


The Small Pyramids e.V. is a children’s aid organization that helps poor children in Egypt, a land with large social divides and poverty. The organization concentrates its efforts in the city of Luxor and its surroundings and aims to provide medical assistance to poor, handicapped or orphaned children. Essentials such as food, clothing and hygiene products are provided.   Medical exams, treatments and operations as well as important medicines and materials are offered as well as rehabilitation services.

Through our support, therapy rooms were rented, expanded and renovated and the necessary medical personnel could be hired. The center was expanded and now offers a training facility for children and mothers of the almost 155 local families involved in the project. Learning materials are provided. Courses such as English, tutoring, sewing, reading and writing and math are offered. A kindergarten is available to the families who cannot afford the local one.