Teachers Training App

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The innovative video-based training application for teachers in West Africa was designed to advance quality teaching in line with the Sustainable Development Goal (Global Goals or SDGs) – Goal #4, and to foster equal opportunities for all.  Unqualified teachers are unable to prepare our children for their future and for sustainable development, nor can they prepare our children for the quality education that is urgently needed today or for good career opportunities and especially not for equal opportunities.

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Help with the water supply for those people who previously did not have access to clean and safe water

Help promote well projects in West Africa!

Water is a basic human right!

Clean water is the basis of life for all people
In Europe we like to forget: water is essential for survival. Each of us uses an average of more than 100 liters per day. However, around 800 million people worldwide have no access to clean water.
The people in the villages in rural Africa suffer particularly from inadequate water supplies or insufficient access to clean water. The lack of clean water is often the main cause of suffering and misery; without water, sustainable development cannot take place.

Help promote well projects in West Africa!

Teachers App

Teacher discussing and learning how to use Teachers App

Yet another innovation from the YOU Foundation is SINIDI – the Teachers App.
An application to train teachers in Africa on how to instruct at a top-quality level.  With the Teachers App, educators in Africa are able to participate in on and offline training courses.  The app not only offers high quality training opportunities but also provides self-confidence to teachers in their classrooms and provides tips on how to motivate students and improve their concentration.

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