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This large project contains six objectives to increase resilience in people living in the border region between Burkina Faso and Mali:

All six objectives of this project are overriding themes and adhere to the following sustainable goals:

1.) Training and Empowerment (Strengthening)

2.) Help to self help through income producing measures

3.) Food Security – Ending Famine

4.) Mobility and Logistics

5.) Climate protection awareness and increased resilience against climate change

6.) Sport for children living in border regions to promote peace and cultural dialogues


“The children are gaining weight” with this 3rd objective Food security – Ending Famine, 2020 began and is already showing first results.

Mali and Burkina Faso are amongst the poorest countries in the world (HDI – Human Development Index: Burkina Faso 182 of 189 / Mali 184 of 189) and only a very small number of citizens have access to education and training and health services.  Income generating activities are not readily available.  Famine due to food insecurity and extreme poverty, due to lack of access to education, are a hard reality of daily life and mobility and logistic opportunities are rarely available.  The missing knowledge and the extremely poor educational system create a situation with pollution and the non-sustainable use of resources, as well as the lack necessary measures to combat climate change, specifically in the agriculture sector, that continues to deteriorate.

The strategy for the execution of this project is based on a participatory and holistic approach with input from all relevant parties. The partnership between the beneficiaries will be strengthened by the creation of committees.

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The YOU Foundation – Education for Children in Need, an initiative of UNESCO Special Envoy Dr. h.c. Ute-Henriette Ohoven, is committed to education for the poorest of the poor worldwide.



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We use your donation directly where help is most urgently needed.

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