Teachers Training App

— Online Video —

The innovative video-based training application for teachers in West Africa was designed to advance quality teaching in line with the Sustainable Development Goal (Global Goals or SDGs) – Goal #4, and to foster equal opportunities for all.  Unqualified teachers are unable to prepare our children for their future and for sustainable development, nor can they prepare our children for the quality education that is urgently needed today or for good career opportunities and especially not for equal opportunities.

The past two years of developing the TEACHERS APP have been an incredible learning journey! The application currently supports more than 300 teachers in government and private schools in Sierra Leone.

The teacher app, SINIDI, developed by high-quality trained educators in West Africa for teachers in Africa, has become a standard tool and enables expert academic team members to share their knowledge and experiences.  In addition, storyboards for basic teaching strategies were developed. Storyboards are a valuable resource for presenting instructional material in a variety of classrooms and circumstances.  For the application, both the filming and the creation of additional video content were coordinated as part of the final planning and roll out work.  With the support of the video materials, the school principals and the members of the academic team were extremely motivated to develop their work in new and exciting ways.

With the enhancements, the application can be quickly and easily customized country by country and modified for up-scaling.  It is a tool that has opportunities for all of Africa and because of the continent’s innovation and extremely fast digitization has great impact.

Thank you ZF Helps and ZF employees for supporting us to make this innovation a reality!

Another major accomplishment is the integrated development of an MVP (= faster reading) application to test the potential of literacy-focused video content. The development of this idea speaks to the broader impact of this project and the way it has helped foster an innovative and collaborative design mindset.

Today, we are pleased to say that the Teachers APP can be successfully deployed and scaled to improve teaching and education methods in a way that supports the Sustainable Development Goal #4. This application promotes the implementation of SDG #4 and country-specific effective quality education and equal opportunities for all, especially in the disadvantaged and rural regions of Africa.