What Is Happening at the BARAKA School?

Baraka German lessons

Martina Dähn a volunteer on the “BARAKA – From Slum to Modern Neighborhood” project works in the primary school in the new neighborhood Cité-Baraka (New-Baraka) providing support in the areas of hygiene and environmental management (PHAST – Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation Transformation).

Based on the local children’s wishes, Martina Dähn also gives German lessons for all interested primary school students.  This program is a big success, and the children love it!

Youthful curiosity is the basis of the entire learning process and the learning in turn strengthens the children’s self-confidence.   The opportunity to learn a foreign language can also allow for improved employment options in the long term.

To motivate the students, a certificate ceremony for the German course took place on July 8, 2021.

It is impossible to not see the happiness on the children’s faces.

THANK YOU, Martina Dähn!

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