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In particular, buildings and premises were severely damaged by the floodwaters of the century flood and therefore many buildings had to be evacuated. This also applies to the community school in the district of Swabi, in the northwestern border province of Chaibar Pachtunschwa.

This means that the school is closed for the children and they have no more lessons. Nobody knows when the school will open again, because the municipality has no money for it. Thus, everyday life is no longer full for the children and they mostly hang around on the streets, where they are at risk.

33 million people have been affected by the flood disaster in Pakistan in the summer of 2022 to date. Many have lost everything.

Extensive renovation work is necessary so that the children can return to school. The need is great and financial resources are scarce, so we must work together to renovate and rebuild the school. The students, teachers and families who depend on the school are asking for your help to overcome this difficult crisis.

Become a donation partner for Pakistan and join us in the fight against the education emergency!

Donations will be used for necessary repairs, such as fixing the damaged roof and walls, as well as replacing lost or damaged furnishings, and didactic materials.

Together we can make sure that the community school is restored and the children have a safe place to learn. Education is the only key to a better future!

Thank you very much for your help!

The suffering population needs your support and ours to alleviate the educational hardship!

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