The YOU Foundation Presents Education AI App at the UN Transformation Education Summit 2022 in New York

Dr. h.c. Ute-Henriette Ohoven

Claudia Jerger (©UN)

UNESCO Special Ambassador, Dr. h.c. Ute-Henriette Ohoven and her daughter Claudia Jerger presented the AI application RORI – a personalized learning support tool for those who need it most – at the UN Summit.

The YOU Foundation – Education for Children in Need pursues the Sustainable Development Goal No. 4 and the UNESCO Education Agenda 2030, for inclusive, quality education, for equality and empowerment for girls and women, and for the right to “equal opportunities.” The YOU Foundation has an official relationship with UNESCO and its mission focuses on “equal opportunities,” but also on innovative pilot projects for the world, such as the complete transformation of slums into modern neighborhoods, including all forms of education, environment, nutrition and health, as well as training and measures for income-generating activities. Real help for self-help is always at the forefront.

Our children are our most important asset because they are the future of the world, and only with education can children become active and advance our of all goals for sustainable development!

The world community agrees that less inequality in education and especially qualitative education is the way out of poverty and thus “equal opportunities” for all children and youth by 2030 is one of the biggest challenges. Only seven years are left for the world community to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and this is becoming increasingly difficult due to extreme global challenges.

The YOU Foundation was invited by UNESCO and the UN to the Transforming Education Summit in the UN headquarters in New York to present the excellent AI Chatbot that was created for the poorest countries.

The AI app named RORI is a cooperation between the long standing YOU Foundation partner Rising Academies and has been tested in West Africa. The app can be expanded as needed and be used in other countries as there is no limit to the number of users or curricula it can support.

If we wish to promote change in education and we wish to help the 244 million children who due to covid were unable to go to school return to their education, we need a proven, scalable and high quality solution that can reach a large target group.

To support accelerated progress in education, AI RORI can contribute a great deal. We know that there is an urgent need to use high-quality platforms to reach the marginalized – and this is where artificial intelligence can help!

What makes RORI so special?

RORI addresses the problem and provides the solution! RORI addresses gender equality and also considers situations of displacement, emergencies or crises.

Now, we finally have the opportunity to transform education and lifelong learning and make education more inclusive, equitable, effective and relevant. Of course, especially with technology, we must uphold our principles of ethics, equality, and respect for human rights, and RORI addresses these issues.

RORI is a proven, high quality technological took that addresses learning disruptions and supports needed change. RORI can be the enabler for successful change in education!

So far, RORI offers math support for any cellular phone with access to WhatsApp. It asks practice questions and understands all the inputted answers, it automatically adapts its content and learning level to the user, and RORI starts, repeats or continues depending on the pace of each student. If a student gets stuck, RORI provides audio explanations and key concepts from its audio library. RORI picks up where the student stopped and gradually increases engagement.

Since June 2022, RORI has logged over 100.000 interactions and counts an average of 53 additional minutes of learning per day per user.

With RORI, the main impact is improving the quality of education with the only cost of a WhatsApp connection. And since RORI works through WhatsApp, it requires the smallest internet connection, which promotes its use in emergency situations.

Generally, RORI provides access for most children without limiting the number of users.

We need a positive attitude to turn this demographic dividend into an opportunity – and this can be done by using an AI chatbot like RORI.

We desperately need credible and tangible solutions to overcome the global learning crises, slow decision making will plunge us into even more complex problems that may never be solved!

The goal with RORI is to reach over 5 million users by 2030 and to reach this milestone we need every partner who like us believes that only through education can our world be made more humane and worth living for in the future. The climate crisis can also only be tackled through and with education!

Ute-Henriette Ohoven and Claudia Jerger: “It was a great honor, as well as a very important recognition for the YOU Foundation and its work, to speak about our endeavors and this innovative education project at the UN Headquarters in New York. An incredible enrichment!”

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