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At the Cultural Regatta #Art4GlobalGoals, Sails Become Canvases for the 17 Development Goals Campaign

Sailing for Sustainability

A very special regatta started on August 22, 2021 in Monheim am Rhein:  seventeen sailboats, with sails that were expressively interpreted by artist Stefan Szczesny with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the campaign #Art4GlobalGoal, started their course on the Rhein under clear blue skies in the direction of Düsseldorf where they later arrived while increasing awareness of the sustainability goals along the way.  We are already looking forward to the next stage of the regatta and the related exhibit on September 25, 2021 in Koblenz.

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It is a debut at the state parliament in  Düsseldorf: For the first time, all 17 pieces conceived for the #Art4GlobalGoals campaign by renowned artist Leon Löwentraut are on display. The campaign is the result of a collaboration between the YOU Stiftung and the Geuer & Geuer gallery. It intends to increase the visibility of the Global Goals (also known as Sustainable Development Goals) throughout the world, and showcases paintings by Leon Löwentraut that feature new interpretations of the Global Goals.

The president of the state parliament, André Kuper, opened the exhibilition with the 17 graphic editions of the #Art4GlobalGoals campaign. Until the the project reaches the finish line in 2030, they will be published step-by-step but for the first time are now all on public display.



More Information about the campaign

The next opportunity to see the 17 pieces commences on Saturday, June 9 and will close on August 5.


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Campaign Sailing#Art4GG – Worlds Oceans Day, 8 Juni 2022

On this year’s WORLD OCEANS DAY, 08.06.2022, another event of the Sailing#Art4GlobalGoals campaign will start at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris to call for activities to save the oceans.

United Nations World Oceans Day (

What Do the Global Goals Have to Do with COVID-19 Vaccinations?

Dr. h.c. Ute-Henriette Ohoven and Claudia Jerger at the #Art4GlobalGoals event at the Rheinturm in Düsseldorf

#Art4GlobalGoals – art for the goal of sustainable development in the world – with this motto a light show interpreted by the star artist Leon Löwentraut and in conjunction with the YOU Foundation and Geuer & Geuer Art will be projected from May 5 to May 18 onto the Rheinturm in Düsseldorf.  Using high performance projectors, the artist’s motives will be projected on to the Rheinturm and will create a spectacular light show every evening.

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