Putting My Inheritance to Good Use

Offering the world a better future through your inheritance

Many people wish to include a contribution in their will to support the poorest of the world to make our planet more livable and humane, to protect and support children, young people or women, to promote education, training, health projects and human rights, to secure a livable future for the poorest and to alleviate extreme poverty or hunger.

You can include specific project goals in your bequest so that your donation can be used according to your exact specifications.

Should something change in your situation or your wishes shift, a will can generally be revoked, changed and adapted at any time. We will be happy to advise you or offer estate planning information.

Supporting people in need through a testamentary gift also brings tax advantages. Inheritance donations to charitable organizations are tax-exempt under Section 13 (1) of the German Inheritance Tax Act. You can donate a part of your inheritance to the YOU Foundation – Education for Children in Need without incurring tax charges.

Your Will

Would you like to use your estate for a good cause? By considering a charitable organization that is close to your heart in your will while you are still alive, you can create a legacy that will live on. With financial support for the YOU Foundation, you can help shape the future for our children, young people or mothers in your spirit. In this way, your values and ideals live on. We use your bequest according to your wishes and are able to help the beneficiaries have a better life.

A project can be realized in your name

It is possible to endow the YOU Foundation with financial support, securities or other assets. Or you can make the YOU Foundation your heir and we will settle all the rights and obligations with professional experts and legal advisors.

With a will or inheritance, you have the opportunity to sustainably support the work of the YOU Foundation even after death. In this way, your social commitment lives on. In doing so, you set an effective example of humanitarian commitment and take care of children, young people and mothers who are suffering hardship and are threatened by hunger and poverty. With your bequest, you give them a more dignified life and hopeful future.

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If you have any questions or suggestions, our staff will be happy to talk with you personally.

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