Please Help Support Ukrainian Refugees In Moldova with Emergency Supplies!

Over 400,000 Ukrainian refugees who fled war, bombs and violence, have arrived in neighboring Moldova, called by some the “poor house of Europe,” seeking protection.

Approximately 4 million people have already left the Ukraine, where thousands of lives are lost every day. They are often on foot and have only the bare necessities with them.

These refugees depend on the help of everyone from governments and private citizens to  international aid organizations.

Often, only women with children and the elderly arrive in neighboring countries. They are the most vulnerable.

Donations have already helped the refugees: a semitruck with relief goods has arrived in Chisinau.

Please join YOU Foundation – Education for Children in Need in securing rapid support for Ukrainian refugees in Moldova!
Help make the situation more bearable and allow refugees to regain some human dignity.

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Donation Account YOU Stiftung:
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