Chicken – Giving Hope for Health and Life!

The YOU Foundation’s food security project for the Sahel area in Africa, supports the poorest of small farmers in poultry farming and vegetable production in times of climate change, by helping people help themselves and enabling families to access urgently needed food.

Gift “Poultry Packages”:

1 egg laying hen 7€
5 hens and 1 roosters 50 €
Laying hens, roosters, poultry feed and training for 10 families 550

Poultry training for families to fight hunger

A hard-boiled egg a day can be lifesaving; it helps improve nutrition and provides children and pregnant women in particular with many of the minerals and carbohydrates and much of the protein they need.

The Sahel region is extremely poor. Hunger and malnutrition, especially among young children, is widespread. Due to lack of skills and educational, parents constantly encounter difficulties that affect their nutritional situation, especially of the children who show signs of malnutrition or undernourishment. The existential hardship of the large number of poorest households forces many people to flee.

The most vulnerable families are identified by our on-site project team. These are individuals who earn significantly less than the state “guaranteed” minimum income of around 50€ per month, each provide for up to eight family members, have small children and are willing to participate in poultry farming  training. Helping people to help themselves is a principle of the YOU Foundation. This allows families to generate their own income and feed themselves.

After completing the training, the families are provided with:

✓ Laying hens

✓ Roosters

✓ Poultry feed provided as initial provision

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