Humanitarian Aid for Myanmar:

For the children of the IDP refugee camp in Paletwa and the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic

In Myanmar, the political situation continues to become more critical, and the corona virus continues its path of destruction. In extremely difficult situations such as this, the international humanitarian aid sector is tested. Especially internally displaced people suffer under these extremely uncertain and inhumane conditions including the threat of the next pandemic wave.

This shows once again, and currently more than ever given Covid-19, how projects with united forces such as “Help for Children in Myanmar” promote the fact that all people have the right to human dignity.

The survival of internally dislocated people and their children in the refugee camps is almost impossible. There is no clean water or food, there is no medicine, and there are no sanitation facilities or schools.

By building latrines and with the help of access to clean water, with WASH-activities, with medication and vitamins for children, as well as with continued measures to fight the corona pandemic, we are trying our very best to protect the dignity of the refugee camp dwellers.

Masks are being distributed and the ability to thoroughly wash hands is being promoted all while controlling social distancing rules.
In Myanmar, with its war like conditions, it is extremely difficult to deliver food, goods or building materials to camps that are located far away from cities. The roads are closed, and armed forces threaten almost every delivery. Special permits are required and our local partner teams risk everything to help and offer a glimmer of hope to the people living in the camps.

Our biggest thanks go out the brave team in #Myanmar!

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