Earthquake in Morocco

The devastating 6.8-magnitude earthquake that struck Morocco late Friday night, Sept. 8, killing more than 2,800 people, according to current estimates, with hundreds perhaps thousands still missing, more than 2,500 people injured and entire villages buried – this has plunged the country into deep grief and despair. The numbers are increasing every day.

The earthquake was the worst in 50 years, and its source was located between the cities of Marrakech and Agadir. Poor people, especially in rural areas, who had built their houses themselves from mud or clay, now lie buried under the rubble.

Many people spent the last nights outdoors for fear of aftershocks – an aftershock took place on Sunday morning, it had a magnitude of 3.9.

In addition to helping search for survivors in the debris, the work is focused on medical aid and providing isolated villages with drinking water and necessary food. First and foremost, it’s about saving lives.

The hardship is unimaginable, many have lost everything – relatives, friends, their homes, they are traumatized and live without protection and hope on the streets. The country is in a three-day national mourning, while the work of the disaster control is running at full speed to come to the aid of as many people as possible to protect and care for them. At the moment, hygienic conditions have to be established, emergency shelters have to be built and people have to be supplied with clean water.

More than 300,000 people are affected by the disaster, according to the World Health Organisation. And the number is rising.

The extent is still incalculable

The YOU Foundation – Education for Children in Need is already committed to the reconstruction in the disaster area, which will start immediately after the acute emergency aid.

We would like to win supporters for the reconstruction of schools already today, so that children can receive education again after the terrible events and a dropout from education can be prevented as soon as possible. According to the most urgent needs we would like to offer our efforts for the reconstruction of schools.

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